We all love quests. They allow us to test our logical skills and fascinate us with a mysterious story. This one is about a room that stood empty for years waiting for a special visitor – you. And once you stepped in, the door behind you was locked and you found yourself imprisoned in this comfortable but absolutely hopeless place. After all, you can’t spend the rest of your life here in simulator game Happy Room! What does it mean? It means that you need to find a way out by yourself! Time to stand up and start looking for answers!

First of all, let’s take a careful look around. At first sight, it seems that it’s just a room, with a usual set of furniture and a bit of décor to make it cozier. But not all items are that simple. Try interacting with different objects. Some of them conceal clues that will take you to the next level. Don’t miss a thing – even books on the shelf and flowers in the vase can be of use to you. The more hints you find the clearer it all becomes. In a few minutes, you’ll be able to piece it all together and find a way out! Or not… Even though the first few riddles seem rather easy, the game gets more and more complicated every minute. So stay focused and keep your eyes on everything going on in the room to break out as soon as possible! It’s easy to enter a room, but sometimes it takes hours to escape it. Happy Room is a game that will put your logical thinking to the test. You find yourself in a strange room that has everything you need to spend endless hours here. There is a sofa, a bed, a window, even a bookshelf. But no way to get out. No matter how hard you try to open the door, it seems that you’re locked. Is there any way to escape without having the key? Actually, there is! Focus on the furnishings: these items hold clues that will help you find the answer to all your questions. Try clicking on them to set them in motion or dragging them with your mouse to find out what’s hidden behind. It all depends on your attentiveness, visual memory and logical thinking. You can definitely find a solution, you just need to look a bit closer! The game gets more and more thrilling every second, so don’t waste your time!


  • Look
  • Throw, to cut

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