Ragdoll Murder


No, this room isn’t happy because it’s painted in happy colors. No, it isn’t happy because people who live here are so kind and sweet. As a matter of fact, it isn’t happy at all. Well, at least for the main hero of the game. After all, he is about to suffer all sorts of pain at your cruel hand. You can blow him up on a mine, or send him flying across the screen by installing a few jumpers that will toss him up right onto deadly spikes coming from out of the ceiling, or shoot him from a crossbow and even pierce him with multiple firegun shots. The algorithm of torturing is up to you. You will start from basic weapons like mines, saws and spikes and gradually move up to more complex things like teleports and lasers. The point is to completely trash the ragdoll in a mortal session staged by Your Cruelty with Ragdoll Murder.

Points are earned for hitting every trap installed in the room and the more damage you inflict the more coins you’ll have to spend on endless upgrades. The game also has a system of achievements that will bring you additional bonuses. The session starts with the test subject falling down from the ceiling. As he makes it to the floor where there is already a bomb or a jumping platform waiting for him, the doll starts flying around the room as it hits new obstacles. As long as the mannequin stays on the move, your score keeps climbing up. But once it stops, the session will be over. Make sure the ragdoll dude hits all the points to get the highest score possible!


  • Look
  • Throw, to cut

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