Happy Room


Let us tell you a story with a usual beginning and an unexpected ending. An ending you are about to write yourself… It all started when you were invited over by a friend. There was a large party, everyone was having fun, drinking and dancing. But you don’t really like a lot of noise, so you found a room still unoccupied by any of the guests and decided to enjoy a few moments of peace and quiet. The room was wonderful. It had everything you need after a tiring day. A cozy sofa to relax on, a soft bed where you can see only sweet dreams, a bookshelf full of exciting books, a spacious window and other items of comfort that make our homes cozy and beautiful. You didn’t notice how the time passed. Suddenly you realized that the party was over and everyone was gone. You were left alone in this room and the door appears to be locked. How are you going to escape from here? And that’s where the adventure starts…

You goal is find a way out from the room by using various things you see around and searching for keys hidden somewhere close. The whole game is an interactive logical puzzle that can make your brain sizzle during the first few minutes. But as move further and the chain of riddles begins to unwind, it’ll be ever easier for you to find the next clue. The mechanism is pretty obvious: draw your mouse around the screen and see which of the items you can interact with. Click on them to see how they function. Some of the objects will show you the way to the next answer, some will open doors, closets and hidden containers where you will discover another piece of the puzzle. Just be attentive and focus on the mission at hand. You need to get out of this room as soon as possible! Use your logic and you’ll succeed!


  • Look
  • Throw, to cut

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