Happy Room – Wheels


Another free night and no idea what to do? Try our hot offer! This game might seem a bit evil, but it doesn’t make it any less fascinating. It’s called Happy Room with Happy Wheels. But definitely not for the guy who poses as the main hero. This desperate dude agreed to take part in a rather severe test in which his poor body will be hurled and torn and turned into a pile of bloody shreds. Well, that’s his problem! And you are about to stage the most thrilling, cruel, mortal danger simulator for this unlucky dude. For that, you have plenty of equipment that you can choose in the left menu. Every weapon will cost you a certain amount of money and, naturally, the deadlier it is the more expensive it will be. To earn just enough for a fun ride to hell, try to do as much damage as possible to your test subject. Mines, spikes and saws will bring you just a few points, but your score will grow as you furnish the virtual shooting range with fireguns, lasers and even teleports.

All weapons are divided into types and each type is upgradable. For instance, shooting weapons start with crossbows and end up in supermodern installments that electrocute the victim once he gets near. There is no limit to technical progress and the degree of madness will grow every minute. It’s a crazy attraction that drives you to come up with ever more complex and brutal solutions in an effort to earn as much money as possible for future upgrades. There are plenty of ragdoll dudes to throw around, so keep having fun until you beat all the records, including your own!


  • Look
  • Throw, to cut

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