Happy Room 32 bit


Welcome to Happy Room 32 bit, a new and rather brutal game that will make your hair stand on end! Your goal is simple – furnishing a virtual space with all kinds of weapons to torture a ragdoll dude exposed to sadistic fun. At first, you’ll have just enough money to install one lousy mine, but the more weapons you set up and the damage you inflict on the poor victim, the more your income grows. Gradually, you’ll be able to unlock new types of deadly equipment. The range of upgrades available includes jumpers, crossbows, teleports, miniguns and much more. You are free to place them as you wish to maximize the pain our hero is destined to feel. It all depends on your imagination – and your cruelty! Watching the unlucky guy flying around the room with his head full of arrows, his arms and legs scattered all over the place and blood splashed all over your screen is definitely not for everyone. But if you are fan of a nice bloody massacre, Happy Room is just what you need to unwind after a hard-working day!


  • Look
  • Throw, to cut

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