Happy Room 2


Look at this room. It’s so cozy and nice! It must be so comfortable to sit on this soft couch and read one of the books arranged on the shelf! And when you feel sleepy, you can go to bed and listen to the steady ticking of the clock. A light wind will blow into the window barely touching the curtain and bringing you sweet dreams. And the aroma of flowers in beautiful vases will sing you a lullaby… That’s what you thought entering this room. But reality turned out to be a bit different.

Once you found yourself inside in new Happy Room part 2 , the door closed behind you with no apparent ways of getting out. It was a trap! But you figured it too late. Now there is no one to help you. You are on your own. And it’s now up to you to escape from this mysterious room full of riddles. Each item plays a certain part in the puzzle. Click on it to find out how it functions. Perhaps, it will open a hidden door or lead you to another clue. Only a very observant player will manage to overcome all the obstacles and break out!

The task seems to be rather simple and there aren’t so many objects in the room, so you naturally hope to be done in a few minutes. But the quest isn’t that easy. The story keeps unfolding with your every step, so think carefully before doing anything, since it will affect all other events in the game. Show some attentiveness and logical thinking to cope with all the tasks the developers have in stock for you!


  • Look
  • Throw, to cut

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