We are used to living in a safe world. Every day we enter dozens of doors without even thinking something might happen to us. Especially if we stand on the threshold of a nice, cozy room rather than in some dark, disturbing alley. But even rooms like this can turn out to be tricky and dangerous… That’s exactly what happened to the hero of our quest. He stepped into this room, furnished with style and care, and found himself locked. Well, that’s a nasty turn of events! How will he get out? He will! If you extend him your helping hand… Happy Room is already hacked by people.

So, what are you going to do? Look around. The room is full of various objects. From furniture to décor items, it invites you to explore your possibilities and try interacting with each of them to see where it will take you. Stay sharp: what might look as a flower vase can actually be a switch that opens a hidden passage or gives you another hint for your future actions. Of course, you won’t figure that all out at once. It will take some time and you might even get impatient. Don’t give up, keep searching for clues and you will be able to put all pieces of the puzzle together!

To interact with any of the items on the screen, simply click on them with your mouse. The game might seem easy at first, but don’t judge it by the looks. This room conceals quite a number of secrets and you are about to uncover them all. Happy Room is perfect for spending a free evening at home, relaxing after hard work or just killing time with a tablet or smartphone in your hand. It helps to develop logical skills and will be interesting both for kids and adults. We definitely recommend this game for everyone who loves complicated tasks and intellectual challenges!


  • Look
  • Throw, to cut

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