Despite centuries of civilized life, deep down inside the human race has remained vicious and ruthless. And games like Happy Room prove it once again. Or course, aggression isn’t always a bad thing. Long ago, it helped us survive, because you can’t fight for your life without wanting your enemy dead. Now there is no such pressing necessity to cut your opponents’ throats, but the urge to blow off steam from time to time remains. And it’s better to do it the safe way.

Happy Room invites you to become its special designer. But instead of placing furniture and flower pots, you’ll be setting up mines, saws and miniguns, and rather than creating a comfortable atmosphere for a person who is about to enter the room, your task is to destroy them in the most spectacular way possible. At the beginning, your finances will only allow you to put a few bombs. Don’t worry – once your test subject gets blown up a couple of times, you’ll get some more money for a much needed upgrade. The more dollars you get and the more achievements you earn the more weapons you’ll be able to unlock.

The concept of the game is simple: a ragdoll man falls from the ceiling and gets drawn into a system of traps, including explosives, jumping platforms, whirling blades, sharp spikes, crossbows and guns firing once the test subject comes into range and many other surprises. The poor guy will get hurled around, mutilated and literally cut into pieces. The more damage you do, the higher your income will be. You’ll even get bonuses for sadistic records. There are dozens of traps and weapons available, so the game can technically go on for a very long time. Enjoy the bloody fantasy incorporated in realistic 3D models!


  • Look
  • Throw, to cut

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