Sometimes we all get a desire to beat someone up as hard as we can, especially if this person has dragged us into some kind of trouble. Of course, doing that in real life would get us into jail. Or leave us with a broken jaw is that person turns out to be stronger. But now you have a perfect way to get rid of your anger without any consequences. See that doll-like man over there? Imagine this is the very person that makes you angry. And now he’s in your hands! You can create a whole room full of traps, weapons and other painful surprises to give our ragdoll a nice workout. He will explode on mines, bounce on jumpers to hit the spikes protruding from the ceiling, get shot from crossbows and miniguns and even sucked into a teleport – only to show on the other end of the room and let the show continue. Happy Room with cheats much more interesting.

Your task is to earn as many points as you can by hurting the poor guy in all ways you can think about. The game includes different methods of damaging the unlucky mannequin that you can unlock for the points earned. Each time he lands on a bomb or gets a bullet from one of the weapons installed all over the room, your score grows. Once you get enough money, you can add a new method of torturing to your sadistic collection. There are several types of items, including traps, fireguns, bombs and other. Make no mistake, you’ll need at least a couple of hours to unlock all of the weapons available! It’s up to you where to place them as long as it helps you fulfill your goal – inflicting maximum damage on the ragdoll fellow. Be inventive and show no mercy. After all, cruelty can be fun, too!  Escape games will always remain in trend since they aren’t only thrilling and fun, but also help to develop our skills, including visual memory, attention and logic. This captivating quest is another worthy representative of the genre. Just like in other escape games, you’ll have to look for clues, manipulate various objects and solve riddles left by the developers. Are you ready to begin our escape adventure? Then let’s start!

The setting is quite simple. You were visiting a friend and decided to spend some time alone in a free room at the end of the house. At first sight, it’s just a regular room with a couch, a book shelf and even a flower. But don’t be misguided by its hospitable appearance! After looking around and even taking a little nap on the sofa, you decided it’s time to join the others. But for some reason you weren’t able to escape the room no matter how hard you tried. The doors that had been wide open a couple of minutes ago suddenly turned out to be locked. And the floor is too high to try climbing out of the window. What are you going to do? The others are having fun, the music is playing too loud, and nobody will hear your screams. If you don’t want to spend the entire night here, it’s time to get out! Look attentively – some things in this room are definitely out of place. Try moving them around or using them in any possible way. Perhaps you just found another piece of the puzzle that will ultimately show you a way out of here!


  • Look
  • Throw, to cut

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