Let’s admit it: people like hurting each other. That’s human nature and we can’t do anything about it. The question is whether you can channel your anger safely without doing any harm to those surrounding you. Some people use a special mannequin they can beat and even cut when they feel furious. We suggest an even more convenient way with much wider possibilities for inflicting pain!

This friendly-looking man in the middle is your test subject. He is willing to test some sort of a danger room packed with traps, weapons and other deadly stuff. Try installing a few mines, press start and see what happens. The smiling man will fall from the ceiling and right onto the bomb. Naturally, it will explode and the guy will most likely get hurt. Perhaps even lost some of his limbs. Way to go! Your score goes higher and you also earn a few hundred dollars to continue your experiments. Now there are new weapons to unlock. Try saws, spikes, crossbows and even fireguns to maximize injuries. To keep the ragdoll from falling to the floor (which automatically ends the session), set up a few jumpers and teleports that will keep him on the move as long as it takes to hit all the targets. Do you think you can beat your own record and earn a bonus for combo damage? There is only one way to find out in android version!


  • Look
  • Throw, to cut

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