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We all need to give vent to our emotions from time to time, especially negative ones. Ethical principles and civil laws don’t allow us to get overly aggressive, even if it’s justified. We’re used to being polite, friendly and understanding. After all, if you give way to your anger, you can easily end up in jail. But in the virtual world, you can do anything you want. Even bad things… Happy Room invites you to take part in one very special – and very bloody – attraction that will instantly raise your mood and give you a lot of hilarious moments. So if you are ready to spill some blood, let’s begin!

The dark kind of fun

Look at the screen. See that smiling man? This is your test subject. You’re going to expose him to all kinds of injuries and some of them might be a bit… deadly. But our hero isn’t afraid. After all, he’s just a doll and a couple of broken bones don’t mean anything to him. So don’t be sorry for him, enduring pain is his job. Your task is to equip the room with different sorts of traps and weapons that have only one goal – to do as much damage to the poor guy as possible.

The session starts with the ragdoll falling from the ceiling. He must not touch the floor, otherwise it’s all going to be over. Keep the mannequin in motion for as long as you can by smartly arranging the mortal furnishings all over the place. Put a few mines right under the test subject to blow him up and get the first few dollars. A jumper put next to the bomb will toss the ragdoll up without letting him fall and the fun will continue. Overhead, you can put a few chainsaws or place spikes for an even viler show. There are even crossbows and guns shooting at the poor victim when he gets near. The range of weapons gets wider as your score grows making it possible to unlock ever more sophisticated methods of making the ragdoll dude suffer.

Do damage, earn money!

The more checkpoints your test subject hits in the process of being beaten up, the more coins you’ll ultimately receive. Those can be spent on buying new torture equipment. Each time you’ll be able to install ever more powerful and ruthless destruction systems. Jumpers will be replaces by teleports and crossbows will give way to spooky electrocuting devices. The amount of money earned during the session will increase together with the damage. You can place the weapons where you like and invent any scenario for mutilating your victim. It can go on for hours! Unleash your dark side and have fun turning a 3D ragdoll into a pile of bloody shreds!